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About Us

Smart Election Analysis Tool

SEAT is a customized subscription app designed to help politicians, their political analysts and campaign funds managers create a personalized assessment of election winning probabilities based on the data they input into the program.


Local Government Records System

LGRS is a customized Local Government Records System where resolutions, ordinances of the council and relevant documents of a government agency are well arranged in an easy-to- access and efficient database program.


QuickDocx Records Management System

QuickDocx Records Management System is our latest software product which innovates the system of records management. With its unique and much improved features it brings ease and speed in the “search and retrieval” process of documents and enables the users to access, view and disseminate important documents or information within the company or organization – in real time fashion.

Our Mission is to provide excellent professional services on IT solution needs for businesses and the government; and support them to achieve increased productivity performance, success and development.


But Not Cheap. We are affordable in the sense that you get the biggest bang for your buck.


We don’t just make softwares. We make them to suit yours and your businesses needs. We always put you first.


From the complexities of management to the basics of developing even down to proper personal conduct.

Cloud Ready

The most powerful platform in computing is now in your fingertips. Access your app anywhere in the world.


All our softwares are created with the user in mind. We can help make your life happier and easier.

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We are always ready, willing and able to cater to your needs. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance.