Local Government Records System

LGRS is a customized Local Government Records System where resolutions, ordinances of the council and relevant documents of a government agency are well arranged in an easy-to-access and efficient database program.

The primary beneficiaries of LGRS are the councilors, the council secretaries and staff, students, constituents, and all other persons who may need and require the resolutions and ordinances of the LGU.

Who may use the Software?

The councilors, board members, all officials and officers of the LGU and all other constituents who may need and require LGU’s resolutions and ordinances, This LGRS will also help the Councils Secretaries in preparation of minutes and agenda of the councils sessions.


  • Easy access and fast retrieval of documents when needed. Definitely,¬† precious time is saved compared to the old manner of searching through file cabinets which may take long minutes, hours or even longer.
  • Internet ready, and real time access whenever and wherever you may be. For decision makers, no need to wait for office hours to finish that important task.
  • Quick Search – capable of finding a document for quick-on-the-go searches. It even lets you guess by just typing in a clue or key word. ¬†Advanced Search for a more robust page for searching with multiple clues.
  • Automatic Document Conversion – Automatic conversion of all uploaded documents into the universal .PDF file type for safe storage and viewing.
  • Secure Server Operating System – Linux based operating system that is safe from virus and malware attacks.¬† Files are kept confidential and secure.
  • OCR – Ground-breaking ocular character recognition capability for image uploads containing text that allows for storing documents and retrieval via the Quick and Advanced search pages.
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Project Status

  • Design 100%
  • OCR Core Implementation 100%
  • Single Document Upload (Multi-page) 100%
  • Multiple Document Upload (Consolidated as pages for a single document) 100%
  • MS Document Parsing Module (Doc, Docx) 100%
  • PDF Document Parsing Module (Text, Image) 100%
  • Image (Scanned Document) Parsing Module (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.) 100%
  • Drafts Module 100%
  • Strategy Planner Module 100%
  • Document Management Module (Continuous Development) 99%